Physical Therapy

Initial Evaluation / Standard Follow-Up

Cost ranges from $175 - $295 per visit and is often covered by insurance.

Evaluation of a primary area of concern by a physical therapist. The patient will be informed of their treatment plan and provided home exercises if applicable.

Follow-up only after an initial evaluation of any new primary area of concern. Must be scheduled within 90-days of the initial evaluation.

Postural Restoration

This approach addresses underlying biomechanics which can often lead to symptoms of pain and dysfunction. Mechanical influences on the body that restrict movement and contribute to improper joint and muscle position are considered, examined, and assessed. Manual and non-manual techniques are utilized to restore proper alignment of the body while proper respiratory dynamics are considered. Treatment encompasses prevention and lifetime integration for long-term successful outcomes.

Orthopedics & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Patient is provided with individualized exercise prescriptions, posture and movement training, manual therapy, and sports performance enhancement so you can recover from any injury.

Gait & Running Analysis

Analyzes a patient's body movements as they walk or run. This is important in determining any bad habits causing pain. 

Manual Therapy of Spine & Extremities

Skilled manual therapy may include soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization/manipulation, myofascial release, and stretching. Assisting in regulating pain, improving soft tissue and joint mobility, and facilitating movement for improved function.

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